how to build a floating deck next to a house

as an alternative to the ledger, the deck i recently built is a freestanding structure, basically a giant platform built right next to, but not connected to, the house wall. the house in question had two stories with a finished basement on the bottom level. the finished ceiling of the basement prevented access to .

how to build freestanding decks. how to build a freestanding deck. a freestanding deck will have an additional beam near the house and no ledger board. free-standing was chosen here due to only a small area next to the deck with no cantilever. there are several advantages to building a deck freestanding, not attached .

if you're a regular reader, you know this detailed guide is the culmination of many days shadowing expert general contractor and carpenter steve wartman. i was on-site as he and his crew built this deck, taking pictures of the progress, documenting the work and discovering tips and tricks. i'm convinced .

build your deck onto the house, you'll want to know where the rim joists and wall studs are located so you can secure the deck's ledger board, the support beam that attaches it to the .. cut the first two deck boards to this length, then cut off the length of any overhang from the board that will be laid next to the house.

construction that may not be strong enought to support a deck addition. these decks can be built free standing using an additional beam and posts situated next to the house wall. it is important that these frost footings are installed on top of compacted soil to prevent them .

near the foundation of a new homesoil that was backfilled after the concrete basement was pouredis unstable. local codes usually require that concrete footings . the decking for this freestanding deck is pressure-treated 4x6 laid at a 45-degree angle to the house. for proper support, the joists must be spaced .

house. wonder if i'd still need a permit??? it's not really a porch. . interior designer kristin jackson has tips and ideas on how to build a floating deck-- or island deck. she shows how she build a gorgeous deck in her yard. . floating outdoor deck. my next beer thirty project.

often, those footings near the house will have to be dug to the depth of the house foundation footings to reach undisturbed earth. a good resource for designing a free-standing deck is the american wood council's prescriptive residential wood deck construction guide, available online at .

i'm thinking of just building it freestanding, right next to the house. it's a pretty small deck, so i'd only need 4 or 6 footings, probably about 18 inches from the wall on that side, cantilevering the joists. i'd run the joists along the short side of the deck. my question is, one: is this structurally sound this close to the .

some freestanding decks stand alone in the yard, but many are right next to a house. . according to the international residential codeĀ², adopted by most states, a deck does not need a building permit if it is less than 200 square feet, under 30 off the ground, does not serve a required exit door, and is not .

"floating decks" are so called because, rather than being attached to a building as are standard decks, they are just "floating" free out there, all on their . this requires removing the siding of your house in that area (that is, if your house is covered with clapboard, vinyl siding,. . move over to the next joist.

other cases where i'll build a freestanding deck include when the house is old and i'm uncertain about the house-wall construction, or when the new deck will . something to keep in mind for a freestanding deck adjacent to a house is that the support posts will typically be in the over-dig next to the house.

how to build a floating deck similar to hers in your backyard, as well as some building and planning tips that come from her experience with this project. wanting . when it came to the tree, we trimmed our boards as close as possible and placed them as we would the other boards.

bob vila meets with contractors in florida to see how a floating deck is built. for more how-to video, . i pretty much quit watching this old house when bob left. .. don't ever put your hand on the guide of a hand saw and also don't ever place your hands or fingers near the end of a pneumatic nail gun. .

i am planning on building a small deck on the side of my house where there is no door or window. the level of the deck is below the top of the basement, so i need to drill through the concrete for the ledger board. however, because there is no door, i am thinking about just building the deck as freestanding .

a floating deck is a nice shady spot one can add in the backyard to make the space more enjoyable and to turn it into a relaxing living area, perfect for e. . once it's installed the next step is to furnish and decorate it. . build an l-shape deck if you want to frame a tree or to follow the architecture of the house.