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the lightweight, low maintenance cladding that performs! new zealand's weather conditions demand a cladding system that performs, year after year. that's win.

fascia is used as a base to attach the gutters to, or as a cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves and wall. more than just functional, stratco fascia is designed to form a neat, attractive edge between the roofing and wall surface. stratco fascia is also used as a barge on gable roofs.

there are a number of choices when it comes to plywood cladding. here stan explains the main types there are to choose from.

the branz house insulation guide provides construction r-values for common construction types. you can find some of the examples here: roofs. in an uninsulated house more heat is lost through the ceiling and roof than any other part of the house, making the roof the top priority for insulation. pitched timber-framed roof .

i have just brought my first house! it has double glazing but the window fittings are a dark brown. i would love to know any advice experience on paining over them with upvc paint in white - thank you!

if correctly installed and maintained, timber windows can still be operating after 80-100 years. as alternative solutions, window installation information must demonstrate to the building consent authority that detail meets the performance requirements of clause e2 external moisture. this bulletin describes timber window .

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leaky homes - 11.3 billion dollars later! if monolithic cladding is to blame why is it st.

fascia board holds your gutters in place and protects the edges of your roof. these areas are exposed to a lot of moisture and over time can start to rot. this video shows you a clever way to remove the old, rotting section and replace it with a brand new piece of timber. continue to step-by-step instructions .

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intro to mitten vinyl weatherboard and quick demonstration on how easy it is to install.

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