wood veneer - lightweight panels

the company can also produce fsc panels upon customer request. neucor cores are made of a proprietary blend of wood fibers, sawdust, and formaldehyde free resin (pmdi). this proprietary blend is then pressed in neucor's patented mold design to create lightweight cores. these cores are then .

wood and brick panels offer the look of the real thing without the cost and effort. these panels are beautifully hand finished and ready to install right out of the box. compstone veneer panels are light weight yet very durable. constructed with a polyurethane base and our proprietary composite .

veneer state. our balsa lite core doors and furniture panles are offering customers a light weight extremely stable wood panel for .

lightweight ply boards, these can be ply based wood veneered boards, or boards with a vinyl-like surface. . a matching cherry veneer strip was later glued to all the visible edges. pic of furniture panel. the main disadvantage with the hollow panel is that where any fixings are made on, or through, .

lightweight alternative to wood, without sacrificing the ability to be drilled or cut with conventional woodworking tools. made by . plycorr can be laminated with vinyls, melamine papers, veneers, and high pressure laminates. . wall panels: office partitions, sandwich panels, modular furniture.

lightweight sandwich panel with skins made of okoumè marine plywood and core of rigid pvc foam, suitable for furniture and compartmentations in the marine . the okoumè wood, used for the panel's faces, offers durability over a long period of time;; the rigid pvc foam (freon free), with a density of 60 kg/m³ and a .

panels are the only insulated lightweight high strength substrate for laying hot or cold press veneer and solid wood stave. we offer professional sing panels for creating large doors for mill works or door manufacturers with true flat and stay for 50 years non-warping door guarantee. endless .

lightweight honeycomb panels offers endless possibilities. our honeycomb panels can be completely flat or easily molded into almost any shape imaginable. . overlay our honeycomb with fabric, cork, wood, dry erase, prints, glass, fold or mold, polybak, powder coat, leather, canvas, vinyl, and plastic.

panels to provide a strong lightweight panel with structural integrity. two core . foamkore's balanced panel allows for a variety of face materials to be added such as veneer, laminates, paper, graphics, and other thin materials. to keep .

lightweight plywood panel manufactured using lightweight poplar (populus nigra) veneers that are most often laid with the grain direction of each alternate layer perpendicular to the . lightweight poplar plywood faced with over 350 different standard decorative real wood veneers and dyed veneers.

wood fiber surface material. this extremely lightweight material has very good rigidity and strength values; easily apply face materials (veneer, laminate, and coatings); finish with a variety of edge options; rigid face material supports selected methods of .

panel of your choice, whether it be a natural wood veneer faced skin with polypropylene core for a lightweight but luxury marine interior application or the spectacular visual appearance .

panels are a much more affordable product than natural wood with an appearance and texture that are often almost identical. we use melamine . the so-called lightweight panels are made by sandwiching a much lighter core, which is often just a cardboard honeycomb, between two finish layers. very thick .