pavilion kits prices

pavilion kit prices.

purchase. choose . a curtis lumber associate will be glad to give you a free estimate on the open pavilion you desire! . metal roofing with color options roof shingle styles and colors trim options see curtis lumber salesperson for more options! current pricing.

purchase your horizon structures pavilion kit online today!

pavilion by timberhaven. the heavy . the outdoor timber frame pavilion is a custom handcrafted work of art yet it is quite functional in its ability to provide comfort and tranquility, shade from the sun's rays and protection from rainy weather. whether your . outdoor pavilion kit includes:.

pavilion over another -. we offer three types of pavilions. they all protect your family and belongings from sun and rain. they are all engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. how will you decide? * style and appearance * price this section will provide basic pricing for our pavilions .

pavilion offers additional shade and weather protection without sacrificing the open air benefit of outdoor living. we offer both gable-style roof profiles and hip-roof models so you choose the look you love. since every pavilion is custom designed and professionally built .

prices for convenience, however all pricing is estimated pricing. please contact our sales department for an official quote. 888-448-2505 ext. 136. my title .

need a quick quote for an amazing timber frame pergola, gazebo, pavilion, arbor, pool house or other timber frame structure? hi, i am mark, the production manager here at western timber frame. i would like to show how you can get an even faster answer when you call for pricing. i have customers that .

for decades, conestoga log cabins homes has crafted beautiful yet durable log cabins, log homes, bathhouses, bunkhouses and multi-purpose log buildings. we are pleased to add the sycamore pavilion kit to our inventory of log structure products.

pavilion today and add character and class to your outdoor space! note: pergolas and pavilions are typically shipped in 'kit' form. for an additional fee, on-site installation may be available depending on your location and the size. if you're a local customer, we also have .