covering for porch deck so it wont get dry rot

deck. choose a cloudy day when the decking is cool and the sun won't evaporate the cleaner. wood deck: use a paint roller, a garden sprayer, or a stiff-bristled brush broom to apply the cleaner. don't let it pool. don't let the deck dry until you've scrubbed it clean. then let it soak according to manufacturer's .

so when it comes to outdoor decking, it loves wooden porches, .

expert advice on how to restore and maintain a wood deck, including protecting against wood rot, how to acid wash a deck, and maintaining . if any part of your deck stays wet for a day or more after a rainfall, take steps to see that it can dry out. you'll .. get a pre-screened local deck or porch repair pro.

how to replace wood damaged by dry rot. as noted with repair, only attempt replacement of rotted wood if you have sufficient experience. the work will involve: removing all rotted wood and an additional three feet of surrounding wood to ensure no fungus remains. removing all plaster, skirtings, .

porch, be sure to use rot resistant materials and paint or stain all sides and ends. . when replacing rotten porch flooring, the columns are jacked up so the new flooring can installed beneath them. . you have a nice video that covers the porch flooring replacement steps.

and they say we have another four to go. i spent . if you have a masonry floor such as concrete or tile, slope the floor so that the water drains away from the house and preferably not towards the prevailing winds. . as long as the water is just passing by, and the wood has an opportunity to dry, it will not rot.

to ensure a longer life for the decks i put so much into, i use a number of techniques to prevent rot from taking hold. my methods don't take a lot . but if you simply cantilever the deck boards one inch over the fascia you reduce the number of places dirt and moisture can get in. compare these construction .

here are the pros and cons of painting your outside deck: painting allows you to use any color you want. because paint is solid, you can completely cover an old color or the wood itself, which means your options are wide open. paint often fills gaps and cracks. paint is a thicker finish, so it can often be .

won't affect your masonry at all as it doesn't feed on it - it simply travels through it. dry rot can be present in your walls for months or years before the fungus appears on the surface of your walls, so even if there are no fungal bodies on your walls there may be rot in the wall itself - the easiest way to detect any rot in .

dry out after it gets wet. even treated lumber is not rot-proof. when building up a beam or other structural member from two or more pieces of lumber, separate the planks with a spacer so that water won't become trapped between them, .

decks built of such rot-resistant woods as redwood or cedar theoretically need no preservative, but beautiful as they are when new, even these woods will turn gray and dirty-looking in time - sometimes after only one or two seasons. those who have such decks and porches find that they must be regularly .

ask the builder | it's essential to install a properly flashed poured-concrete porch floor that rests on masonry foundation walls on all sides. . at the very least, the plywood deck should have been covered with the best ice-and-water-shield product that seals to itself and just about anything it touches once .

dry (kd) and s-dry lumber means dry lumber. virtually all . the mc of lumber can soar when is stored at a lumber yard without a protective cover and/or stacked over wet ground. lumber . not all siding, decking and trim made from cedar, redwood or other species famous for durability are in fact rot resistant.

most of the tropical hardwoods like ipe, cumaru and teak are all great choices for decking since they are so hard and resistant to rot and insect damage, but they can be more expensive. western red cedar and cypress are my go to choices for exterior items like siding, trim and screens. they are readily .

so the expense is not outrageous. . we'll have more to say about decks in the repair section, but if you're building or re-building a deck the application of clear penetrating epoxy sealer to crucial areas such as plank/joist junctures can save you .

but, the chemical may get only so far into the wood at the ends. if the end of a post is cut off, untreated or poorly treated end grain wood may be exposed. if that cut end is put into the soil, water could penetrate into the untreated end grain wood and cause rot. water penetrating the end grain wood may .

have billboard-size menus, paint comes in thousands of colors; even buying laundry detergent is challenging--tide is available in something like 30 different varieties. so i guess it's not surprising that decking options have grown exponentially over the past several years. it wasn't long ago that the only choice .

composite decks have a ton of great benefits and are eco-friendly; however, they also have a few drawbacks including the price tag. . while composite decks won't rot and are considered more durable than wood, it doesn't mean they're completely safe from damage. patio furniture or debris from a .

deck, but getting them is much easier and less expensive than building a deck from scratch. . so any door thresholds adjoining the patio must be at least that far above the concrete. if not .. cover the patio with a thin layer of sand, lay pavers over it, and the results look like a standard paver patio.