cost effective to cover a cement basement floor

basement floor option. . it is longer-lasting than paint because it soaks into the concrete rather than just coating the surface, but stain will not hide cracks and blemishes in the floor. . ceramic tile is another good choice, generally more expensive but longer-lasting and more durable.

basement into a playroom or living room, covering the cement floor with carpet can provide a softer, more appealing surface than . for the best results, it may be more cost-effective and time efficient to hire an experienced professional, especially one who offers a warranty or guarantee on their .

cement polishing a viable and cost-effective way to treat cement floors that have been carpeted for decades? the carpets in .. i considered polished concrete for a basement. . our thinking then was that we had nothing to lose, really, if we didn't like it we could always cover with the other options. but we .

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cost-effective basement floor covering, consider vinyl sheet flooring. cushion-backed vinyl sheet flooring glues easily to concrete subfloors and offers an extra measure of comfort over hard concrete slabs. the subfloor must be completely smooth and free of defects, however, or the imperfections will eventually .

floor covering is perfect for a rumpus or exercise room. it's cost effective and is easy to install. the material comes in sheets of recycled rubber that need no glue or extra installation materials. it's an excellent alternative to the cold, hard surface because of its insulating properties, as well as the overall cushioning .

david vandervort architects. economical. the cost of concrete floors is very low, about $2 to $6 per square foot to polish a plain gray slab, giving it a lustrous sheen. the concrete's tonal differences, subtle cracks and aggregates take on a stonelike, natural feel. contemporary basement by daniel m martin, .

concrete floor information;concrete floor pictures;common questions about concrete floors: are they cold? are they loud? are they expensive? popular flooring types: kitchen floors, garage floors, basement floors and more: interior floor finishes: a comparison of finishing options available .

basement dry and free of condensation is key to installing the basement flooring of your choice. . wall-to-wall carpeting is among the least expensive and easiest to install options for basement flooring. . a thicker (and more expensive) grade of vinyl flooring may help hide slight bumps in the concrete.

expensive, there are additional labor costs involved which will impact the cost of your project. extensive surface repair can add up to $2 per square foot. once repairs are done, if the contractor deems it necessary to resurface the concrete to cover the repair work, expect to pay an .

basement. therefore, it may be necessary to consider heating options. wood floors are also a beautiful basement flooring option. but if they're being installed over concrete, then it will be necessary to choose a kit that allows for the floors .

basements into rooms that offer more than simply being a storage space is becoming a much more popular and cost-effective way to expand the habitable space in your home and in . another option for damp prone spaces is to use cement or concrete floors, which can be stained to a glossy, up-market finish.

basement concrete floor livable.

basement floors are usually made from concrete slabs, which can be porous, cold and often not very level. . loop carpet is a basic, cost-effective carpet for basement areas. . ceramic and porcelain tiles' durability and ability to be installed over concrete sub-floors make them a great choice for basements.

cost effective to cover a cement basement floor. basement flooring options | finishing basement floors | houselogic. it's also critical to inspect your existing concrete basement floor and make . more expensive) grade of vinyl flooring may help hide slight bumps in the concrete. inexpensive ways to finish a basement .