recycled wood planks singapore

recycled reclaimed wood furniture. south and south east asia are home to many numerous skilled carpenters. wood work traditions have been passed down over many generations. at artful house we draw on established asian furniture making skills and using recycled and reclaimed woods create contemporary .

reclaimed teak wood products, including flooring, furniture, tile, and wall paneling.

singapore, private companies set up recycling facilities to recycle different types of waste, for example, food, plastics, metals, steel slag, spent copper slag, . are processed into 'technical wood' which are used asmaterials for products such as tables, doors, flooring and building materials and new wooden pallets, .

reclaimed wood furnishing, fine industrial design, original vintage furniture, and modern designer pieces at our tan boon liat showroom.

wood flooring is considered as an one-of-the-kind luxury flooring product. it increases the value of your property. on top of that, wood can be recycled and re-used. historic woods, also known grey woods, are typically 100 over years old timber taken from old wooden construction such as ship wrecks old worn down .

recycling. to reduce waste and to protect the precious timber resources of the earth, lht has established the singapore's first wood waste recycling plant that produces high quality products that are consistent in color, texture and high density. the products are therefore ideal for furniture, building material and heavy-duty .

wooden pallets. type: available. category: wood. quantity and frequency: 15 (one time). price: free. description: pallets to give away, in good condition. self-collection. contacts. name: felice / andrew. position: store admin. phone: +65 6327 3368. email: @. share: email .

reclaimed wood and barn wood that is toxin-free and easy to install. when people ask, "where can i find reclaimed wood?" we answer, "from centennial woods." order reclaimed wood wall planks from our online store or contact us for a free estimate on our custom-milled reclaimed wood products.

flooring product with eco accreditation such as the singapore green label. can be reclaimed, repurposed and recycled. highly termite proof not edible by termites as it is not wood. therefore, flooring is recommended for homes or commercial spaces on ground levels.

recycling wood and horticulture wastes for generating electricity to our plants and producing wood chips used for making new products. some of the wood/horticulture wastes we collect include: - pallets. - wood planks.

wood furniture, reclaimed from old buildings, doors, fences, beams, benches and more. with exceptional character forged by nature, every piece of wood is dried over decades of exposure to the elements, forming a beautiful unmistakable wood grain. see more reclaimed wood furniture options at our .

singapore reduce, reuse and recycle waste. we connect those who generate waste materials with those who want the materials, thus helping both parties save time and money while helping the environment. we believe that waste is not waste, but a potential resource for someone .

wooden cases and crates to fit all kinds of machinery and equipment.