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acoustic modules, such as bass traps, diffusers, absorbers and acoustic curtains to optimize the acoustics of recording studios and home.

suspended ceilings made of mineral fibre-panels traditionally finish their life cycle on the rubbish tip. however, mineral-tile producer and market leader owa, based in amorbach, germany, has developed a process for reclaiming and completely. more;the only way is up: owa's ceiling systems.

ceilings are greenguard gold certified helping people feel better and breathe easier. read more .

acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings, led light bars etc. more;owaconsult collection. owalifetime collection - dessins: owalifetime collection - dessins. owacoustic - timeless style ceiling systems - from suspension to highly .

acoustic wood wool offer endless creative variations. let´s build!

ceiling systems, ceiling tiles and grids. we have been developing, producing and marketing suspended ceilings made from mineral wool and their grids and accessories for over 50 years

acoustic products and systems that contribute to a good working environment.

systems can fulfil at least the fire protection requirement f30 in every variation and offer best impact sound insulation. . knauf cleaneo acoustic are perforated or slotted gypsum boards in compliance with en 14190 with dehydrated zeolite for air-cleaning effects. more about knauf cleaneo .

and it's not the escher-esque stairways that guide you from one floor to the next. though hamburg's $843 million philharmonic is filled with stunning architectural gems, its most interesting feature is the central auditorium, a gleaming ivory cave built from 10,000 unique acoustic panels that line the ceiling, .

wall panels and acoustic panels by acousticpearls are used in a wide variety of projects, making impressive visual statements, while enjoying the maximum in acoustic efficiency.

ceiling rafts watch the video. room acoustics calculator is now available for alle android devices. the room acoustics calculator from knauf amf is now also available for ios and also for android smartphones and tablets! enter room .

suspended ceiling tiles. owa ceilings have become one of the market leaders within the ceilings industry, producing high performance mineral wool ceiling products, as well as the associated grid systems. manufacturing is based in germany. owacousticâ® ceiling tiles utilise a new material for .

panels, screens, stretched fabrics and freestanding or ceiling-hung objects to improve the acoustic comfort of the places in which we live and work. they are made from sound absorbing foam covered in a high-quality sound transparent* fabric, available in a range of 22 colors. our fabrics are .

pinta elements gmbh. it offers acoustic wall panels, ceiling clouds, baffles, ceiling tiles, sound isolation products and suspended, acoustic, and grid ceiling products. supplier of: ceilings, suspended | acoustic ceiling tiles | acoustic panels | noise protection systems | acoustic insulation systems. germany - .

acoustic panels. paroc acoustic panel. the paroc acoustic panel is perforated on one side, giving the panels good sound attenuation and making them perfect for partition walls and ceilings that create elegant, silent interiors. when employed as ceilings, perforated facing is always on the lower side.

acoustic® sound absorbing panels are available as light penetrating clear panels, frosted panels or as panels upholstered with textiles. the panels can be used as screens, as panels hanging from the ceiling, or they can be installed on the wall. download brochure (pdf).

acoustic ceilings in dry construction. from ceiling framework components and profiles, to acoustic design ceilings, acoustic plaster ceilings, ceiling tiles, acoustic floating ceilings, and moulded elements, to access panels, integrated ceiling .

acoustic ceiling manufacturer knauf amf with its recognised strong . solutions of modular ceilings and interior systems, with high performance product . 3 viersen, germany. 4 dreux, france. 5 grafenau, germany. 6 ferndorf, austria. deliveries to over 90 countries. over 30 sales subsidiaries worldwide.