prefabricated teak decking in bahrain

deck stands for excellence in every way. if you are looking for a truly amazing teakdeck, just contact us. we are market leader in the manufacture of pre-manufactured teakdecks. wolz nautic combines the latest cadcam technologies, special vacuum-adhesive-technologies, for which we hold international .

prefab teak decking system was developed for production boat builders but it .

teakdecking systems introduced the concept of efficiently pre-assembling modular teak decks, created off-site in a purpose built facility. yacht builders and yard operators soon .

bahrain decking imitation teak for boat. . this is a synthetic teak deck, it holds it's colour longer than real teak and is much lower maintenance. this is the teak that will be used in the production of my green design vessel .. kerf wall is a modular shelf system. the storage bin has an unique .

teak decking prefabrication loft measuring 40m long. to produce the highest possible level of accuracy we use a portable 3d laser measuring .